What does cost per click mean in marketing?

CPM stands for cost per “thousand”, where M is representative of the Roman numeral for 1000 (1000 impressions). The CPC is used to determine the costs of showing ads to users on search engines, the Google Display Network for AdWords, social media platforms, and other publishers. Cost-per-thousand inevitably means paying for an indefinite number of page impressions from people who ignored the message. There is no universal cost amount when it comes to CPC, the cost amount of CPC is determined by the value of the keywords used and the competition in a niche.

Cost-per-thousand is good for brand recognition and product awareness, assuming that page visitors at least see the logo and, albeit unconsciously, absorb the message. Understanding the cost of these campaigns and linking them to a specific objective, such as selling products, is vital to efficient marketing spend. There are a variety of text, rich media, or social media ads that use CPC as a factor in calculating the total costs of paid advertising campaigns.