Is high cost per click good?

More and more customers will be able to find you, generating tons of sales at a price that still gives you big profits. Rather, it's something you should spend more on. A repeat customer with a sufficiently high lifetime value is likely to be worth an equally high CPA on their first purchase. In fact, if the value is high enough, you may be willing to go as far as to sell at a loss on your first trade, knowing that they will generate greater revenues for you over time.

Work directly with an SEO consultant or Google Adwords consultant and hire us for Google ad management to improve your online visibility or lower the cost of Google ads compared to your competition. Consider the costs associated with each step of the entire advertising funnel, from the moment your target audience sees your ad to the moment it converts. Cost-per-thousand inevitably means paying for an indefinite number of page impressions from people who ignored the message. CPM stands for cost per “thousand”, where M is representative of the Roman numeral for 1000 (1000 impressions).

Cost-per-thousand is good for brand recognition and product awareness, assuming that page visitors at least see the logo and, albeit unconsciously, absorb the message.