How much does an advertiser pay-per-click?

Now that we've researched exactly how Google Ads works, you can see why, “it depends on a practical answer to the question: “How much does Google Ads cost? Today, we'll take an in-depth look at advertising costs across three of the largest online advertising platforms: Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Instagram. Whichever approach you choose to take, Google Ads is a fantastic method of advertising for almost any business. The cost of ppc advertising depends on several factors, including the ad network, your audience, and the competitiveness of your industry or keyword. Google AdWords, the grandfather of Internet advertising, is not only the world's largest online ad platform, but it's an integral part of the Internet itself.

Advertisers believe that video viewing metrics, in particular, are being exaggerated by the sites that host them. Combined with the division of the day, it gives advertisers much greater control over where and when their ads can be shown. With so many different advertising options available, many marketers wonder if they really want to choose PPC ads over other possibilities. If the search query matches keywords that advertisers are actively bidding on, eligible ads are auctioned.

There are several ways companies can manage and control how much they spend on AdWords advertising. It's not uncommon for a single company to run multiple online advertising campaigns on both PPC and paid social networks, and Facebook ads are a great way to diversify your digital strategy and drive leads and sales. This is great news for newcomer and experienced Facebook advertisers; if you've never advertised on any of the platforms, it's easy to get started, and if you're already familiar with Facebook Ads, launching your first Instagram campaign will be a breeze. Google Ads keeps most advertising channels out of the water when it comes to budgetary control.

The average cost of advertising on Google depends on factors such as industry, campaign targeting, and advertising network. Kristen is the senior executive editor of WordStream, where she helps companies understand their online marketing and advertising.