How effective is ppc?

It's one of the most successful forms of digital marketing. Statista data shows that of all forms of online marketing, search PPC ranks high with up to 20% stating it offers them the highest ROI of any digital marketing strategy. Management, analysis and tracking are crucial to a PPC campaign because they provide you with valuable information and help you create a more effective campaign. The difference is that social media ads can appear directly in the news on most platforms, reducing the effectiveness of ad blockers.

We believe that hiring a professional PPC management agency is easier and more cost-effective than hiring, training and managing an in-house team. You don't need to address these elements step-by-step, but you'll need to work on each of them to ensure you create an effective marketing campaign. The most popular advertising platforms are effective because they are easy to use and, most importantly, they have a lot of traffic. Facebook Ads is a popular and effective platform for paid ads (more commonly used as a CPM than a CPC), mainly because of its specific targeting options.

These types of campaigns can be very effective if implemented well, but care must be taken to avoid falling into intrusive advertising.