Can i do ppc myself?

The first option to consider is to do everything yourself. While hiring someone else to do your PPC advertising has benefits, it's not mandatory to have a PPC expert. PPC platforms allow anyone to create a PPC account and start advertising their business. Becoming an independent PPC consultant involves a lot of commitment, but it pays off with lucrative results once you start winning clients.

Through your personal account, you can set up a company profile by adding your company name and billing information. This is where you need the credit card, but you can wait until launch to do so. To achieve the results you expect, you need to work as a team with an experienced specialist who understands the complexities of managing PPC campaigns. But knowing how to create (and how to optimize) PPC landing pages for advertising campaigns is a big plus.

And there's also a dizzying array of PPC platforms that could be considered for the average ad campaign. While many PPC networks are very similar, they all have their unique differences that you need to get used to. Since you're likely to use these programs regularly while managing your PPC campaigns, it only makes sense that you become a master of one of them. Although it's only one component of PPC, effective keyword research and analysis is the basis for a successful advertising campaign.

PPC specialists often focus on a specific industry, not because they can apply the same template to all clients, but because their knowledge can be applied to each specific account. This means that if they commit to 10 hours a month to manage your PPC account, you can expect to pay at least £300 a month. Contact them directly and request a referral from any customer who wants to start with PPC. There are three main components of a PPC ad on Google: a title, a visible URL, and a description, and there are strict limitations on the number of words (you only have 170 characters visible), so you'll need to be smart and creative when writing your ads.

You can include them in your PPC campaign to avoid wasting money on keywords that will generate traffic that isn't looking for what your website offers. So if you want to manage PPC ads for anyone, you'll probably need to have some Google Ads experience under your belt.